Types of fillers


See the densities used in the production of Century products:
D14 | D23 | D20 | D20 Soft | D28 | D30 | D35 | D50 | HP26

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We work with machines specially developed to perform the operation of specific cuts with cell breakage to make them softer, malleable and uniform throughout the product.

Imported Silicon Fiber

Made of 100% polyester, with high performance. The touch is silky, does not give off any kind of odor, is hypoallergenic and has high durability.

Echo Feather

Made of synthetic feather, it contains anti-allergic and anti-mite properties.

Goose feather

Noble product, with high durability and that does not deform easily, having an anti-allergic and anti-odor treatment. Known as the most durable product on the market


Process patented by Century, used only in back cushions, created with the highest technology to provide relaxation and comfort in the ideal measure.