General information


All Century products have a legal guarantee. This, however, has specifications in relation to the fabric and structure of the product. Check out!

product structure

The structure of the products (product as a whole, except the fabric(s)) has a legal guarantee of 03 (three) months and a contractual guarantee provided by Century of 09 (nine) months, totaling, therefore, 12 (twelve) months. months against manufacturing defects.


The fabrics of the products, in turn, have a legal guarantee of 03 (three) months and a contractual guarantee, provided by Century, of 03 (three) months. In the case of contracting the waterproofing of fabrics (valid only for the procedure carried out by Century – direct from the factory), they will have 03 (three) months of legal guarantee added to 09 (nine) months of contractual guarantee, provided by Century.

What covers


The Century warranty covers structural problems and manufacturing defects.

  • Table tops (manufacturing defects);
  • Coatings (sewing defects);
  • Feet and bases (manufacturing defects).

What does not cover


The warranty does not cover defects caused by improper or abusive use, lack of care or intrinsic characteristics of the raw materials, as detailed below:

  • Small imperfections in the wood used in the furniture, such as light cracks, cracks and warping. Such factors may vary according to the temperature and humidity where the furniture is positioned, with a higher incidence in very dry places, but without causing damage to the structure of the products. Light warpage is understood to be those less than 03 mm/m.
  • The existence of knots, differences in veins, stains and color variations are characteristic of wood and marble.
  • Factors that configure characteristics inherent to the artisanal manufacture of the product, such as small variations in the height of the sewing and upholstery, in the total measure of the product, tolerances in the alignment of the cushions;
  • Normal wear and tear from using the product;
  • Faults due to repairs carried out by third parties, without formal authorization from Century;
  • Breakdowns caused by improper transport, storage and handling;
  • Infestation of xylophagous insects (borers and termites), as it is an external agent;
  • Increased flexibility or expansion of natural leather, leatherette or synthetic coverings and fabrics in areas of greater contact, such as seats and backrests;
  • Deformation of the foam with use (up to 10% of seats and backrests), due to the breakdown of molecules and particles of the material;
  • Deformation of loose and back cushions made of synthetic fiber, goose down or eco feather, due to the great softness characteristic of the material;

What voids the warranty


1 – Expiration of the validity period of the asset’s guarantee;

2 – Misuse and non-observance of any of the recommendations contained in the care and conservation instructions for our products;

3 – Exposure to bad weather;

4 – Adjustments to the products, repairs, outsourced waterproofing or even alterations to their original characteristics, carried out by professionals not authorized by Century.