Century knows how important it is choosing your sofa. With that in mind, we redesigned this process. We took all those technical and complicated features that no one understood and changed them into three simple indicators that sum up everything you need to know to find the perfect Century sofa for you.

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The science of comfort

Our team of designers, engineers and architects work every day to take the comfort of your Century to the next level.
We are always testing new materials and products to bring the best to you. Here, innovation is constant and our products keep evolving.

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Smooth appearance Smooth appearance

Rough appearance Rough appearance

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Comfort technologies


Cozy® by Century line explains itself. It inclues sofas creates for the coziest places in the house and are developed, in every detail, to provide maximum relaxation. Ideal for naps after lunch or for a more relaxed conversation.


EasyFit® by Century line’s ideal for the busy and dynamic day-to-day. The sofas suits the most different moments: from conversations with friends to a movie. They are the perfect balance between sitting relaxed and behaved.


Slim® by Century is designed for eye to eye conversations. Characterized for it’s elegance and a more upright seating. Slim line’s sofas are ideal for having friends over and catch up on matters. Characterized for its elegance and a more upright seating.


Which sofa is right for you?

In a super easy and quick way, find out right now which Century sofas best suit you!