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If any Century product has manufacturing defects, the repair and/or maintenance request must be formalized through one of our service channels.

In any of the options chosen, it is essential – in order to speed up and guarantee the best service – that the following information is attached to the request:

  • Purchase invoice number;
  • Photos and videos of the alleged defect;
  • Detailed report of the alleged defect.

Service Channels

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Product conference

It is of paramount importance that the products are checked upon receipt, regardless of the conditions in which the packaging is found. Remember: not all breakdowns end up damaging the product packaging. Strong impacts can structurally damage the product without the packaging showing signs of damage.

Noticing any defect or divergence in the product, we advise to notify the carrier on the delivery stub, informing the anomaly detected and signing the document.

Shipping / Collection Order

Upon receipt of the repair and/or maintenance request with all the required information, a copy of the shipping invoice for repair is requested for verification. Upon agreement, the Collection Order will be sent in sequence, a document that must be presented to the consumer at the time of collection of the product, already packed and identified, at the disposal of the carrier.

Product return

After receiving the product at Century, an in-depth and careful analysis is carried out by the responsible team based on the report that points out the manufacturing problem. This analysis directs the repair procedures to be performed in sequence.

Once the repair is done, the product undergoes a new Quality inspection, which will certify that the problem has been resolved. The item is then packaged and invoiced and shipped to your destination as a repair return.

In the event of a defect not identified as a manufacturing problem, the shopkeeper will be notified along with a quote for the requested repair. After approval, the service will be performed, the product will be invoiced and it will then return with the service invoice.

Final costumer


The warranty cannot be invoked directly with the factory by the end consumer. In these cases, upon finding the problem, contact the store where you made the purchase with all the necessary information to open the technical assistance procedure:

  • Photos and/or videos of the alleged defect;
  • Purchase invoice;
  • Personal document.

After the store is aware of the case, it is its full responsibility to deal with the factory, according to guidelines, positioning the consumer whenever requested as to the progress of their request.