Century Shield® Waterproofing

General information


Century Shield® is the upholstery shielding process that offers safety and practicality to the consumer, protecting the upholstery from the small accidents that happen in everyday life that need not be cause for concern.

How it works

Century Shield creates a shield on the fabric surface that prevents small particles from crossing the weft, making cleaning easier and protecting the sofa. The waterproofing product is chosen from long tests, for each type of fabric the product with the best performance is chosen.


Our waterproofing process offers the best technology to protect your sofa against the main causes of problems that arise in everyday life.


Care and Conservation


Century Shield® protects upholstery from everyday accidents. However, it is still necessary a continuous care, not dispensing with routine conservation.

Waterproofing does not make the upholstery immune to scratches and/or abrasions on the fabric surface, nor does it make it resistant to corrosive liquids and/or urine.

In case of spillage of liquids, it is recommended to immediately clean the place, removing the liquid with absorbent material, pressing lightly on the affected surface. Never rub or use brushes on the upholstery. If it still needs cleaning, use a damp cloth, but do not rub.

Regular cleaning

Regularly clean the waterproof upholstery to remove dirt and loosen residues. Use a soft brush to clean the entire surface of the upholstery, including the areas between cushions and corners. Dirt is an aggravating factor in the loss of the waterproofing property of the fabric.

Get a professional cleaning

From time to time, it is recommended to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service for deeper and more thorough cleaning. This can help remove accumulated dirt and tough stains, keeping your upholstery in first-rate condition.

Hire a waterproofing service after every professional cleaning

With each professional cleaning carried out on your upholstery, it is necessary to go through the waterproofing process again. For this, hire a company or a professional to perform this service.

Avoid excess fluids

Although waterproof upholstery is resistant to liquids, it is important to avoid spilling excess liquids on it. Immediately wipe up any liquid spills with a paper towel. Do not rub, as this can spread the stain.

Avoid direct sun exposure

Direct exposure to the sun for extended periods can cause fading and damage to waterproofed upholstery. Position the upholstery in areas where there is no direct exposure to the sun for a long time or use curtains or blinds to protect them from the sun’s rays.